Everyone knows not to leave candles burning in their house and to check that the stove is off before heading out, but fire safety is much more than just a household concern. Neighborhoods and communities need to be prepared to deal with fires affecting more than one home. Wildfires near residential areas can easily cause property damage and hurt people, and having safeguards and best practices in place at the community level can help minimize the damage.

Understanding fire safety best-practices, having the proper equipment, and using preventive measures sometimes aren’t even enough to prevent fire damage to people and property, and there are organizations in place to help those who have suffered burns or heavy losses due to fire cope with the trauma. A full range of sites on preventing fire in the first place and coping with the damage it can cause is included here. These sites aren’t in any particular order, but they are categorized to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

(This information provided and re-posted here with permission by the content team at OnlineFireScienceDegree.org.) 

General Fire Safety

From home fire prevention tips to nationwide suppliers of fire prevention equipment and information, this section of the list has something for anyone who is reading up on fire safety.

The National Association of State Fire Marshals’ Residential Fire Safety Institute

National Fire Protection Association

National Fire Information Council

U.S. Fire Administration

Best Practices – the Brenneco Blog

Fireline Blog

Fire Safety Institute

Fire Adapted Communities

The Center for Campus Fire Safety

Smokey Bear

Life Safety Organization

Fire Protection Association

Home Fire Drill

Fire Protection Industries, Inc. Blog

Confires Fire Protection Service Blog

American Fire Protection Group, Inc.

Fire Protection Shop Blog

Guardian Fire Protection Services Blog

City of Angels Fire Protection Blog

Walt Beattie’s Blog

The Ludwig Group

Fire Team USA

Firewise Communities

Associated Fire Protection Blog

Total Fire & Safety Blog

United States Alliance Fire Protection Blog

en-Gauge Inc. Fire Safety Blog

Master Fire Prevention Blog

Spectrum Fire Protection Blog

The Fire Safety Company Blog

Fire & Explosions Expert Witness

Fire Marshals & Organizations

A fire marshal is a community official who collaborates with the fire department to enforce the fire code, promote fire safety and awareness, and investigate the causes of fires that have occurred. Local fire marshals’ offices often have educational materials for community members, and even events where people can learn more about fire safety and prevention.

Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety

Illinois Fire Safety Alliance

Fire Extinguishers, Sprinklers & Equipment

Though many homes are equipped with smoke alarms, and fire codes require most buildings to have at least one fire extinguisher, not everyone realizes how much of a lifesaver a fire blanket, sprinkler system, or even just an extra fire extinguisher can be. These sites discuss home and industrial equipment for fire prevention and suppression.

American Fire Sprinkler Association

National Fire Sprinkler Association

W&M Sprinkler Blog

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Photoelectric Saves

Fire Extinguisher : 101

Burn Prevention & Treatment

The injuries sustained by people caught in fires can cause incredible pain and have profound effects on that person’s capabilities and appearance. It is important for people with burn injuries not only to get immediate treatment, but to have a community to help them adjust to the major life changes that can come from being injured by a fire.

Burn Institute

The International Burn Foundation of the United States

American Burn Association

UC San Diego School of Medicine Regional Burn Center

Burns Recovered Support Group, Inc.

Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation

Pine Tree Burn Foundation

Arizona Burn Foundation

Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors

Common Voices

Spiegel Burn Foundation

Burn Prevention Network

From Tragedy to Triumph Foundation

Total Burn Care

Children’s Burn Foundation


Fire is both a dangerous force and a valuable tool for people, depending on context. The sites below cover topics ranging widely, from prescribed burning of forested areas, to increase the overall health of the land and diminish the prospect of uncontrollable wildfires, to fire safety sites for kids and teachers to help young children learn about fire as early as possible.

Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils

Safe Sound Family

Association of Fire Science Technicians/Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Wildfire Lessons

Fireproof Children, Prevention First

Safe Kids Fire Safety

The Nature Conservancy Prescribed Burn Unit Plan

Prescribed Fire Portal

Sky Saver – High Rise Fire Rescue

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Prescribed Burning

Texas Department of Agriculture Prescribed Burn Program

Fire Facts

Rescue 1 Fire Safety for Kids

Campus Fire Watch

Fire And Security News