Our Mission

Our mission, like that of the Gurnee Fire Department, is to ensure the protection of the lives and property of the community we serve by providing prompt and professional services in the event of fire, medical emergencies, and disasters or any other event that may threaten the public welfare.
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Our Services

We are responsible for providing fire and ambulance coverage for the unincorporated lands of our district, contracting for services with the Gurnee Fire Department. In this way, the Department provides 24-hour fire and rescue services for the entire area.

Recent News

We work hard to be involved in our community and to ensure that our district has all of the tools and resources it needs in order to protect and assist our local residents and businesses.
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Welcome to the official site of the Warren-Waukegan Fire Protection District. Please use our site to learn more about our district and the actions we are taking to best serve our community. Thank you for your support!

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